Terry Coleman

Terry Coleman is one of the foremost experts on waste and resource management in the UK. He has over 25 years’ experience in resource and waste management and environmental protection: in the waste management industry, consultancy, the Environment Agency, and central and local government. Terry worked for central government covering planning and waste management appeals, waste research and publication of guidance such as the waste management papers, including writing the departmental guidance ‘Waste Management Planning – Principles and Practice’. His portfolio includes developing and implementing the Environment Agency’s WRATE software, instigating and leading the first two national surveys of commercial and industrial waste and producing the renowned strategic waste management assessments for each region in England. Terry has chaired the International Expert Group on Life Cycle Assessment for Waste management for more than twenty years and was responsible for commissioning and managing two of the most controversial and myth-busting LCAs: disposable and reusable nappies and supermarket carrier bags and has carried out several peer reviews of LCAs.

Terry has worked for and/or advised the following clients: Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, GSK, CIWM, The Green Investment Bank, Viridor, Sita, Veolia, Cory, Global Renewables, HJ Enthoven & Sons, New Zealand Steel, the Spanish Construction Steel Association, Blue Scope Steel, the Cobalt Development Institute, Rentokil Initial Services, Total, BP, CNRI, Valero and many others. He has also advised successive governments on waste strategies, hazardous wastes, waste management, surveys, life cycle and resource issues.

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